Zane Grey Vintage Hardback Book Bundle 1938-1950 Grosset & Dunlap

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Condition:  Good: Good condition for used books! Some wear. Some corners bumped and show wear. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: 3 Book Bundle!

1). Raiders of Spanish Peaks 1938 -  Raiders of Spanish Peaks is a thrilling tale of a how a man's home is truly his castle. The Lindsay family has come west hoping to help the father, John, recover from an illness. When they arrive, they are induced to purchase Spanish Peaks Ranch, an abandoned United States military post surrounded by mountains. It seems like a perfect place to settle into their new life as ranchers. As they soon find out, though, this deserted fort is equally suited for both protection and imprisonment.

2). Rogue River Feud  1930 - In the first pages of Rogue River Feud, Grey paints a tantalizing picture of the Rogue from its headwaters to where it spills into the Pacific Ocean.
Zane Grey’s vigorous storytelling and portrayal of ... the wild make this novel one of his best. There is a deep emotional feeling for nature in the raw, for the great salmon runs, and for the clashes of men fighting for gold.

3). Black Mesa (Great Western Edition) 1955 - When Paul Manning set out in search of adventure, he didn't realize what was in store. He'd never been in a blistering hell-hole like Bitter Seeps - or met a man as crooked as Belmont. Or seen a woman as good as Belmont's wife, Louise.