Pricing and Item Condition

Posted by Bryan Stewart on

ITEM CONDITION: I try to post as comprehensive of a photo deck as possible for all the titles I offer. If you're like me, simply seeing GREAT or FORMER LIBRARY BOOK simply doesn't cut it. I know not everyone cares about the condition of the book but instead of typing it out, my goal is to show instead of tell. Lastly, you might see some books have seen some love. I still sell books that have seen some serious love because that's what often happens to pulp paper that's 60 years old. I believe it's eco-friendly to keep these bad boys in circulation and not junked.

PRICING: I determine my prices and select my inventory, by curating the best titles and base pricing off similar online book sellers. There will always be bottom barrel online sellers, your purchase through my store puts food in my enormous cat's belly and helps get me one step closer to my dream of opening a brick and mortar!

My dream for PftS is to grow this company to a point where I can open up a physical store and host in-person book clubs, special events, author book tour meet and greets, and even host guest lecturers with experts from around the world.