SF Masterworks

Step into the boundless realms of science fiction with SF Masterworks, a revered collection of reprints from the visionary minds of the genre. Published by the esteemed UK-based Orion Publishing Group, a subsidiary of Hachette UK, these works are a testament to the enduring brilliance of speculative fiction. With over 188+ unique titles meticulously curated for the UK and Australian markets, SF Masterworks transports readers across galaxies and dimensions, offering a kaleidoscope of literary wonders.

Each volume, adorned with striking yellow and white spines featuring the iconic SF Masterworks logo, beckons readers to embark on unforgettable journeys of imagination. From the pioneering classics to modern masterpieces, these reissues breathe new life into beloved tales, with refreshed cover artwork that pays homage to their timeless narratives. Discover the allure of SF Masterworks – where the past meets the future, and the extraordinary becomes the norm. Available through Postmarked from the Stars when we have em, this collection stands as a testament to the enduring power and relevance of speculative fiction in shaping our understanding of the universe and ourselves.