World's Best True Ghost Stories - C.B. Colby 1988 Sterling Publishing Co vintage PB

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Blurb:  There's no place to hide from this fantastic assortment of ghost stories, for most of them take place in the cozy towns and friendly cities of the good old U.S.A. Some are funny-scary, some are silly-weird, and some will chill your bones. But every one is supposedly "true." What a great way to spend a cold and stormy night alone!

Strange --
The light in the window --
The sound of the drip --
The man and the glove --
The spell on the mirror --
The iron tomahawk --
Off the time track? --
Tunnel to the past --
The phantom schooner --
Hitchhiker to Montgomery --
The haunted cabin --
Ghostly Animals --
NIght ride --
The dream dog --
The witch cat of the Catskills --
The frightened dog --
The white dove --
Ghost dog on the stair. Partying with ghosts --
A night with the dead --
Sam plays the ghost from South Troy --
Lucky at cards --
The anniversary party --
Sea-faring ghosts --
The tale of the strangled figurehead --
Ghost on the beach --
Women all in white --
The mystery of the Seabird --
The great wheel of light --
Faces in the sea --
Ghost in the house --
The ghost of Greylock --
The octagon hauntings --
The Waterford ghost's revenge --
The baby ghost --
The headless lady --
The black thing in the cellar. Saved by a ghost! --
Lord Dufferin's story --
The phantom stagecoach --
The doctor's visitor --
The indian guide --
Protection from beyond --
Bizarre! --
The ghost with flaming fingers --
The old man of the woods --
The ghost of dead man's curve --
The haunted schoolhouse --
Vanished! --
The man who fell forever --
The man they couldn't bury --
Tragedy atop the glacier --
Eskimo village --
Tales of terror --
The vanishing Oliver Larch --
The terrible hand --
The whistle --
The strange death of Mrs. Reeser