Windwitch - Susan Dennard - 2017 Tor Books Paperback

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The Windwitch Prince Merik is presumed dead alter a lethal explosion. He's left scarred but alive and determined to expose his sister's treachery. Yet on reaching the royal capital, he's shocked to find refugees fleeing conflict. Merik haunts the streets, fighting for the weak. This sparks rumours of the Fury, a disfigured demigod who dispenses justice.

Iseult is cornered by the Bloodwitch Aeduan while searching for her friend Safi. so Iseult proposes a deal. Shell return what was stolen from him. if he locates the Truthwitch. Yet unknown to Iseult. there's a bounty on her head and Aeduan intends to claim it.

And after surviving a shipwreck. Sali and the Marstoki Empress find themselves among pirates. A misstep could mean death - and the bandits plan to unleash war upon the Witchlands.”