Wildlife - James Patrick Kelly - SIGNED 1994 1st Tor Books Hardback - Jensen Cover

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Cover art: Jensen

Blurb: “Wynne Cage is a rebel against her father, and she's also a freelance journalist covering a data-heist, and about to throw her lot in with the thieves. There's a lot of power and money involved.

Wynne doesn't need money, but you can never have too much power. Or money.

"Are computer recorded personalities as real as their origi-nals? Is a person, then, little more than the sum of his or her memories? Fascinating, and Kellys lively writing is engaging."

-The Washington Post Book World

Wynne Cage is wildlife. In a world where bio-technology can turn a man into a boy, a boy into a dinosaur, or a woman into the Statue of Liberty, who's to say what is human and what isn't?”