Weird Shadows From Beyond - Edited by John Carnell - 1969 Avon Books Paperback - Josh Kirby Cover

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Cover art: Josh Kirby

Blurb: “Ten Nightmares: A freshly turned grave with one mourner filled with hate; a telephone kiosk at night with something outside trying to get in; a ghoul playing knucklebones on a tombstone; a bodiless evening dress suit dancing in a moonlight glade; and iron shark tooth; a witch and a were-leopard...These are but a few of the ingredients of this nightmarish collection of weird stories. (back cover copy)

"Danse Macabre" by Mervyn Peake
"Blood Offering" by John Kippax
"Same Time, Same Place" by Mervyn Peake
"Master of Chaos" by Michael Moorcock
"Wednesday's Child" by William Tenn
"Dial 'O' For Operator" by Robert Presslie
"The Flowers Of The Forest" by Brian W. Aldiss
"Fresh Guy" by E.C. Tubb
"The Garden Of Paris" by Eric Williams
"The Graveyard Reader" by Theodore Sturgeon”