Waters of Death - Irving A. Greenfield - 1967 Lancer Books Paperback

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for more details. Tape on cover and spine.

Cover artist: Unknown

Blurb: “The Menace Below...

The year was 2160 and a century-old threat to man's survival was, finally, a nightmare of the past.

Rising to the challenge of Earth's population explosion, science had developed vast undersea farms to produce food for teeming billions.

No one need starve; peace and plenty awaited all.

Or so it was thought.

One day Dr. Robert Wilde was brought to the Institute of Oceanography and confronted with the new nightmare on man's horizon ...

Starvation, in its wake war, the end of civilization, cannibalistic orgies. ...

Only Dr. Robert Wilde could avert the planet's destruction. Because no one knew the seas as well as he-and the seas were dying…”