War In Heaven - David Zindell - 1998 Bantam Books Paperback - Dean Williams Cover

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Cover Artist: Dean Williams

Publisher Blurb: “Danlo returns to the city of Neverness where a cult plans to take over the galaxy, and worships Danlo's long-lost father as a god. He fights to survive: the warrior-poet sworn to kill him, the madman with a star-killing weapon and a grim ultimatum, the charismatic leader friend-turned-foe, and his unbreakable vow never to harm a living thing.”

Great review snippet from Terry in 2020 on Goodreads: “David Zindell’s space opera books, that started with the stand-alone Neverness and continued with his “Requiem for Homo Sapiens” trilogy (of which this volume is the conclusion), always scratch that itch I have for Dune-like space opera. You’ve got the baroque world-building of a far, far future of humanity in an interstellar diaspora that combines elements of medieval and pre-industrial societies with ‘magical’ technology and gleaming ships that fold space; you’ve got bizarre human enclaves (sometimes almost reminiscent of Jack Vance, though with less obvious caustic humour) so that societies of warrior-poets, pilot-mathematicians, scientist-philosophers, autist-savants, and priest-kings all rub shoulders in a bewildering and colourful throng; you’ve got philosophical ruminations on the purpose of life, the tragedy of love, and the power of hate; all-in-all it's heady stuff that hits that sweet spot in my belly that little else seems able to satisfy.”

Series: The Queendom of Sol: Book 3

Reviews: 4.30, 507 ratings

Tags: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fiction, Dying Earth