Wanderers of Time - John Wyndham - 1974 Coronet Books Paperback - Chris Foss Cover

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Cover art: Chris Foss

Blurb: “John Wyndham wrote strong, imaginative fiction years before fame came his way, and this is a collection of some of his pieces from those days.

Already remarkable are his sense of movement, his sense of invention, his sense of style. The title story of this collection foreshadows frighteningly such later novels as THE KRAKEN WAKES and THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS with its suggestion of time when man is no longer the dominant creature on Earth.

And The Last Lunarians and Derelict of Space show how well he researched his material, long before space ships had struck out for the moon and the idea of inter-planetary travel had become commonplace.

This is truly another fascinating piece of evidence of John Wyndham's remarkable talent as seer and storyteller.”