Walt Disney's Annette: Mystery at Medicine Wheel - Barlow Meyers 1964 Whitman HB

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After purchasing an expensive prom dress and being careless with her finances overall, Uncle Archie has decided to send Annette to Wyoming for the summer to work on the ranch belonging to her second cousins, Sophie and Martha Lowery. Part of her punishment involved her having to leave her car at home so she is on a rickety bus traveling out into the country with the only other passenger being an "Indian" boy who gives her mean looks. While at a filling station the bus is hijacked by a raggedy looking and severely sunburned "youth" who threatens Annette and the boy with a large wrench. He drives out into the wilds then marches them out of the bus and up a ravine. There the boy pounces on him and he falls, hits his head on a rock, and goes unconscious. The two run up to Medicine Wheel, a rock..setup(?) on the circular top of a mountain. The boy prays and insists that they will be safe now. He starts walking and Annette follows him. He's headed back to the filling station but its a long and rough journey. He moves fast and doesn't care whether Annette can keep up or not. The only times he looks at her are to either glare at her or laugh in amusement at her torn clothes and shoes.
After walking for hours they make a campfire in a ravine for the night then walk for another 6 hours the next day. The boy is fine but Annette gets in really rough shape. Her dainty shoes have holes in them and her feet have become swollen, bruised, and raw along with her stockings becoming nothing but shreds. When they finally get to the filling station Annette passes out. She awakes to find that there has been a search for them and everyone has assumed that the Indian boy, John Running, had stolen the bus and kidnapped her. Annette defends him and is told by the police that John had been in trouble with the law before and that he hates all white people with the exception of his employers; Sophie and Martha Lowery.
Sophie soon arrives and takes the two to the Ranch where Annette eats, bathes, and sleeps until late the next morning. The next day Annette is shown around and shown the work she'll be doing which is helping with meals, tending the garden, collecting the mail, and mainly odd jobs.
Annette rides upland with Sophie to take supplies to Sam, one of their ranch hands who is staying in a little cabin to keep an eye on the cows that have been placed there for the summer. When they arrive they find Sam had been attacked the previous night by someone giving him a head injury and stealing all his food, his shotgun, and a shirt. Both women suspect that its the same person who hijacked the bus, Tom Nally...

Series:  (Walt Disney's Annette)