Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Theodore Sturgeon 1961 Pyramid Books G622 vintage PB

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Condition:  Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. Age toned. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: From a flaming sky, heat seared Earth's surface and cast forests and mighty cities flared and died. In a few weeks, mankind would be burned from the face of the planet.

There was only one desperate chance--and only one man desperate enough to take it--Nelson, the "Mad Admiral". Defying his government and the nations of the world, Nelson drove the giant atomic submarine Seaview halfway around the globe to a grim rendezvous with Destiny. Unknown monsters of the deep barred his way--foreign warships hunted him--sabotages delayed him--but Nelson bulled and slashed his way through. Then, at the crucial moment, when disaster struck and the world seemed doomed, Admiral Nelson launched his mad plan!