Volkhavaar - Tanith Lee - 1977 Daw Books Paperback - Michael Whelan Cover

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Cover artist: Michael Whelan

Blurb: “The author of the unforgettable BIRTHGRAVE, of the panoramic outworld of THE STORM LORD, and of the future folk of DON'T BITE THE SUN, now presents us with something different - and yet equally enthralling in its color and fantasy and high adventure.

For VOLKHAVAAR is a novel of witchcraft and wonders on a world far removed from those we know. Here the gods contend for power - the Dark forces against the Light - and here an entire city and its land is plunged into the shadow of an evil beyond anything conceivable. It is the story of Shaina the slave girl and of Volk the outcast who enslaved himself to cosmic forces to gain total power - and of how they were finally to meet and clash - with an entire world as their prize.

VOLKHAVAAR is high fantasy comparable only to the best of Andre Norton and Michael Moorcock.”