Virgil: The Aeneid - John Dryden 1944 The Heritage Press Limited Editions Club hardback

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Condition: Very Good: Very good condition for a used book! Minimal wear. The Heritage Press was established in the 1930s by George Macy to provide more affordable, though still limited, editions of works previously published by The Limited Edition Club. This is a first printing, first Heritage Press edition. About 7 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches, 397 pages in black cloth-covered boards. Top edge of text dyed red. Notable is the slightly grey-green tint to the paper, designed to accentuate the illustrations by Carlotta Petrina. Also notable and quite unusual, is Petrina's illustration for the black linen-covered front cover, a kind of bas relief sculpture of the artist's drawing of Aeneas in the arms of the goddess, Venus, at the beginning of his journeys. Slip case issued with the volume is missing. See images for the condition of this book. This is a beautiful book and a find for any collector!

Blurb: Limited Editions Club.

Aeneas flees the ashes of Troy to found the city of Rome and change forever the course of the Western world--as literature as well. Virgil's Aeneid is as eternal as Rome itself, a sweeping epic of arms and heroism--the searching portrait of a man caught between love and duty, human feeling and the force of fate--that has influenced writers for over 2,000 years. Filled with drama, passion, and the universal pathos that only a masterpiece can express. The Aeneid is a book for all the time and people.