Vermillion Sands - J.G. Ballard - 1971 Berkley Medallion Paperback

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Cover artist: Richard Powers

Blurb: “Like a latter-day Palm Springs, Vermillion Sands is a fully automated desert resort designed to fulfill the most exotic whims of the idle rich. But now it languishes in uneasy decay, populated only by forgotten movie stars, solitary impresarios and artistic and literary failures, a place where love and lust pall before the stronger pull of evil.


· The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D [Vermillion Sands] · ss F&SF Dec ’67
· Prima Belladonna [Vermillion Sands] · ss Science-Fantasy #20 ’56
· The Screen Game [Vermillion Sands] · nv Fantastic Oct ’63
· The Singing Statues [Vermillion Sands] · ss Fantastic Jul ’62
· Cry Hope, Cry Fury! [Vermillion Sands] · ss F&SF Oct ’67
· Venus Smiles [“Mobile”; Vermillion Sands] · ss Science-Fantasy #23 ’57
· Say Goodbye to the Wind [Vermillion Sands] · ss Fantastic Aug ’70
· Studio 5, The Stars [Vermillion Sands] · nv Science-Fantasy #45 ’61
· The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista [Vermillion Sands] · nv Amazing Mar ’62”