The Ice Schooner - Michael Moorcock - 1978 Dell Books Paperback

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Blurb: “The Deep-Freeze World - Only legend told of a time when Earth was not covered by the unending ice.

In the Eight Cities, the powerful ruling families sent their swift ships to hunt the icewhales and carry trade goods, and fostered the cult of the Ice Mother.

His own ship lost, Konrad Arflane was granted command of the Ice Spirit by the dying Lord Rorsefne -on condition that he sail it thousands of miles to the fabled and lost city of New York, said to be the very home of the Ice Mother.

Arflane was a master sailor, bringing the Ice Spirit toward its destination in spite of its freight of lust, madness and death. He could not know that succeeding in his quest would be far more dreadful than failing....”