Lake of the Long Sun - Gene Wolfe - 1995 Tor Books Paperback - Richard Bober Cover

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Cover art: Richard Bober


It is the far future, and the giant spaceship, The Whorl, has travelled for torgotten generations toward its destination. Lit inside by the artificial Long Sun, The Whorl is so huge that you can see whole cities in the sky. And now the gods of The Whorl begin to intervene in human affairs. A god speaks to Patera Silk, a clergyman at work in the schoolyard of his church. Silk must go on a quest to save his church and his people.

"Gene Wolfe has done it again; has done it even better! What an engrossing piece of work, and what a display of invention, both literary and science-fictional. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequels.

What a treat!"

-Joe Haldeman on Nightside the Long Sun

"The second installment of an emerging masterpiece. .. Taking shape as we watch is an intricate and beautiful tapestry, a com-panion-piece to Wolfe's wonder-filled Book of the New Sun.

1 cannot wait for the next installment."

-John G. Cramer on Lake of the Long Sun

"Having set the scene with a precision of thought and language that marks his major works, Mr. Wolfe has now put the pieces into motion, and the effect is dazzling. .. One thing is apparent:

Mr. Wolfe loves his characters, and it is not possible to accompany them on their long and strange journey without sharing that feel-ing."

- The New York Times on Calde of the Long Sun”

ISBN 0-812-55068-4