The Dragon - Jane Gaskell - 1963 Tandem Books Paperback - Dave Pether Cover

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Cover art: Dave Pether

Blurb: “Cija the beautiful, princess and goddess, and Smahil her fellow-hostage have fled from the clutches of the relentless Zerd. But the Dragon-General is on the march;

continents shake at his tread, cities lie open to his warriors, and there is no escape for Cija, either in the teeming warrens of the Southern City or amid the decadent splendours of the Temple-Court.

Now another fate is laid on her: she alone can thwart Zerd's schemes of conquest. He threatens Atlan, mysterious sorcery-guarded land beyond the world's horizon, and Atlan must be warned. Fabulous monsters, bandit hordes and malignant wraiths beset Cija's flight, and always at her heels are Smahil, half-loved, half-loathed, and Zerd whom she is destined to destroy.

Cia's earlier adventures are described in The Serpent, of which Brigid Brophy wrote in the New Statesman:

"Tane Gaskell's imagination tackles and proves equal to no smaller a salvage job than re-floating Atlantis. Miss Gaskell's world is a valid creation.”