The Bronze God of Rhodes - L. Sprague de Camp - 1963 Bantam Books Paperback

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From the sea in thousands of ships they came, the brutal legions of Antigonos, a giant lusting for the power of Alexander the Great. For endless weeks and months they battered at the tiny island city, smashing it with monstrous weapons, crushing it with the terrible weight of their numbers.

Among the handful of grim defenders was one man who fought for a dream, a vision of a great statue that would stand above the highest towers as a monument to his city's grandeur.

He was Chares, soldier, adventurer, a man tormented by passion, a wanderer in strange, deadly lands- an artist who lived to see his incredible dream become one of the seven wonders of the world.

"A modern masterpiece. It is one of the most... sheerly entertaining books in too long a while. - CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE”