The Legion of Space - Jack Williamson - 1977 Pocket Books Paperback

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Cover art: Unknown

Blurb: “Old John Delmar knew a lot of things. He knew the date of his own death. He knew that his son, in 1956, could pilot the first manned atomic rocket ever launched. In short, through a strange, inexplicable faculty that came into being during his latter years, he "remembered" the future! Most unusual, perhaps, of all his "memories" was the period of future history, in the thirtieth century, when men finally ventured beyond the solar system - and brought back terror and suffering and the shadow of doom to the human planets. This is the record of that portion of history-to-be. The tale of four men of the Legion of Space and their flight to the eerie world that circles about a dwarf sun astronomers call Barnard's Runaway Star. The story of Aladoree Anthar, in whose lovely head is locked the last hope of the human race, knwn only by the symbol AKKA. The tale of the fearsome Medusae, the ancient alien dwellers on an ancient, dying planet. When John Star, descendant of old John Delmar, newly assigned to the Guard of AKKA, is tricked into betraying the Legion of Space, he embarks on one of the strangest adventures ever imagined. Accompanied by old, fat, blue-nosed Giles Habibula, steady Jay Kalam, and huge, powerful Hal Samdu, he sets out to correct his terrible blunder. Adventure follows adventure, and mystery, mystery; and over all hovers the menacing shadow of the Medusae and their world of crimson death. In "The Legion of Space" Jack Williamson has given full reign to an unusually rich imagination. He has painted word pictures with bold, sweeping strokes, scorning delicate pastel tints for the brilliant reds and yellows and blues which form the only proper medium for so colorful a flight of fancy. If you enjoy a tale of high adventure, of struggles against appalling obstacles, of science, mystery and sheer exotic imagination - then you will certainly enjoy this adventure of the Legion of Space."