Skull-Face Omnibus Vol. 1 - Robert E. Howard - 1976 Panther Books Paperback

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Cover artChris Achilleos

Blurb: “Robert E. Howard - creator of some of the greatest worlds of heroic fantasy and nightmare horror ever conceived by the mind of man

H. P. Lovecraft described Howard as a master of description of vast megalithic cities of the elder world, around whose dark towers and labyrinthine nether vaults lingers an aura of pre-human fear and necromancy which no other writer could duplicate.'

In the three volumes of Skull-Face Omnibus published by Panther Books you will find a nerve-tautening gallery of tales of superhuman savagery and supernatural evil. Journey back into long-lost eons oftime and across the frontiers of the occult with one of the greatest fantasy masters of the century, Robert E. Howard.

A classic collection of tales from the Golden Age of fantasy and horror.”