The Moon Cat - Esther Neely - 1977 Pyramid Books Paperback

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Publisher Blurb: “A DESPERATE CALL SUMMONED LEE BACK TO ROLLING ROCK: She came home to familiar faces, racked by jealousy and mistrust. and threatened by a recent murder.

The victim had been brutally clawed, and no one was beyond suspicion. Was the murderer-who worked mysteriously with a large cat!

David North, a millionaire, the father of Lee’s former fiancé and possibly Lee's own father?

Sarah North, David's wife, consumingly resentful of David's attraction to other women?

or Lavendra Temple, Lee's own aunt, who harbored a memory that could destroy?

There are other suspects. And more attacks.

The handsome reporter, Bill Scott, is out to discover the secret behind this violence. For Lee he becomes the from in danger love, but then she finds that her own life is in danger!”