Stardance - Spider & Jeanne Robinson 1983 Tor Books Paperback - Victoria Poyser Cover

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Cover Artist: Victoria Poyser

Publisher Blurb:  “A woman of perfect beauty is too big for perfect grace as a ballerina; she will never be more than an understudy. STARDANCE is the story of one such, one with the body of a Venus Di Milo and a talent greater than Pavlova's. But if there is an answer, genius will find it; Shara Drummond goes to Space.

Her life is to be devoted to creating a weightless artform that is to dance as three dimensions are to two. But then the aliens arrive, beings of pure light who dance forever between the stars. But their dancing is a form of communication as far beyond language as language is beyond the grunting of apes- -just as Shara's is.

And so it falls to Shara Drummond to prove that the human race is... human. By her-


Spider Robinson is a multiple winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and a winner of the John

W. Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Writer of the year. Jeanne Robinson, his wife, is a professional choreographer. They live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. STARDANCE, their first collaboration, won both the Nebula and Hugo award.