Noon Spell - J.N. Williamson - 1987 Leisure Books Paperback

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Blurb: “It struck like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue , sky, forever changing Grady Calhoun's life - and death.

At first he scoffed at the curse and the small-time charlatan who had uttered the fateful words: You will die within 45 days - yet no one will harm a single hair on your head. Then the people around him began to suffer and die - horribly and in agonizing pain, and for Grady Calhoun, beset by supernatural terror, there were no options left. He had to fight the curse that was killing his loved ones or give in to the overpowering evil of the.. Something evil shines under the sun.

J.N.WILLIAMSON - Bestselling author of Evil Offspring”

ISBN 0-8439-2556-6