The 2nd Fontana Book of Great Stories - Edited by Christine Bernard - 1971 1st Beagle Books Paperback

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Blurb: “Stories to freeze your blood, by 12 Masters of the Malevolent!

The Victim

"Stephen took his victim's bady out of the bath, wrapped a thick towel round the neck and head and carried it down to the dairy. And there he cut it up into seventeen pieces

The Spider

"She heard a terrible, haunting scream - then a curious muffled rumble that a creature with eight long legs might make if it were running

The Killing Bottle

"The butterfly must have been stronger than it looked; its frantic fluttering could be heard through the thick walls of its glass prison. It pressed itself into corners, its straining, delicate tongue coiling and uncoiling in its efforts to suck in a breath of living air"