Three-Eyes - Stuart Gordon - 1975 Daw Books Paperback #171 - Michael Whelan Cover

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Cover art: Michael Whelan

Blurb: “THE GOLEM OR THE GODLING In a warped world, Scarbloom Valley seemed an exception. There crops grew tall and the superstition-ridden farmers gave thanks to the unseen Elder Ones with a human sacrifice each year.

And then the golem came over the mountains and seized their virgin offering. And after the golem all the troubles that were shaking the outside lands flooded in. The mutant godling, the mirror-masters, the dancing monsters, and those who would awaken the sleeping powers of the past. For Scarbloom was the key and beneath its unnaturally fertile soil lay the mind-blowing magma of a world's destruction.

Stuart Gordon has surpassed himself with this panoramic edge-of-the-seat vision of futurity.