Galactic Pot Dealer - Philip K. Dick - 1989 Berkley Medallion Paperback - Sanford Kossin Cover

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Cover art: Sanford Kossin

Blurb: “THERE HE WAS, JOE FERNWRIGHT, citizen of a devilishly dull and cowardly brave new world. Joe's dwelling place was Cleveland (once "Ohio"), and he was a skilled mender or, as he liked to think of it - healer - of ceramic pots. And in a solidly plastic world, Joe was out of work, bored to death, and in a dangerous, try-anything mood. Bored enough to accept an extremely chancy proposition from an extremely peculiar and powerful Thing. This Thing wanted Joe to go to a distant planet, and help raise... Heldscalla. Well, if you were a free spirit trapped in Cleveland-no-longer-Ohio in the year 2046, you'd be tempted by an offer to raise a little hell yourself. Joe's experiences are the subiect of this witty and stimulating new SF novel from Philip K. Dick.”