Evil Offspring - J.N. Williamson - 1987 BMI Books Paperback

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Publisher Blurb: “Conceived of an unimaginable father, delivered of a 6,000-year-old corpse, it defied the five senses.

Sight: It was unsubstantial, miasmic ... a glowing, free-form yellow sun. Yet it had limitless energy and the power to change itself into any shape it desired.

Smell: A nightmare creature from the remote past, it exuded a foul-smelling sweat even in the arctic depths of winter.

Sound: It made whirring gasps, bone-breaking clicks and snaps; each ragged breath seemed to shake its entire, constantly changing form.

Touch: It was remote, indefinable, yet it encompassed more knowledge than all of mankind -- and had none of the passion or compassion, devoid of such frivolous emotions. Its heart, if it had a heart, could not be touched by the piteous cries of its victims.

To know it was to taste the ultimate evil.”