Majestic - Whitley Streiber - 1990 Berkeley Books Paperback - Ted Seth Jacobs Cover

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Cover Artist: Ted Seth Jacobs

Publisher Blurb: “"WHITLEY STRIEBER HAS A STORY TO TELL!" -New York Times


Whitley Strieber thrilled the world with the revelations of COMMUNION and TRANSFORMATION.

Now he has written a stunning novel of alien visitation that combines his unique experience with an astonishing historical incident ...

Something landed in the New Mexico desert one night, near the small town of Roswell. The wreckage was unlike anything the ranchers and townspeople had ever seen.

Some claimed it was not of this earth. But whatever they believed, it transformed their lives forever. For twenty-four. hours the news spread like wildfire. Then the government investigators arrived ... and the news stopped.

Only in fiction can the story at last be told. And only

Whitley Strieber could tell it.

"EERIE . • ENTERTAINING." -New York Daily News

"AN EYE-OPENER! -Pittsburgh Press”

ISBN 0-425-12295-6