The Axman Cometh - John Farris - 1989 1st Tor Books Paperback

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Condition: Acceptable: Please see the images for more details.  Bent edge on cover.

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Publisher Blurb:It will be bad for Shannon if she is trapped in the lift; Don, her ex-boyfriend, knows. But now that the lights have gone out, Petra, on her own at the top of th semi-derelict office building, is too frightened to go and look for her. In the dark lift, Shannon is alone with nothing but her pad and pencils, her horrifying fogged memories and the voice which persuades her to draw, to bring back to life, the stranger from years before. Every memory of her childhood leads to the Axeman. The night she cowered in her bed, waiting for death, while all her family were savately murdered, has never been exorcised. Now, the all-too-familiar voice urges, now is the time to release herself from trauma. Recreate the Axeman and finish the business of that night.”

ISBN 0-812-50008-3