Twice Blessed - Patricia Wallace - 1986 Zebra Books Paperback

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They were tiny miracles. Blue-eyed twin babies kept alive in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. Their tiny hearts beat in sync with an electrical pulse. Their frail veins throbbed with blood fed to them through biotechni-cal wiring. Side by side, isolated from human contact, Kerri and Galen thrived…


From the day she brought her babies home, Edana Morgan sensed they were closer to each other than to her. And as they grew, their strange games began to disturb her, their whispered secrets to unnerve her, and their malicious pranks to anger her. But it wasn't until their innocent eyes became twin mirrors of evil that she knew she had been tricked. Her two sweet babies had become one —in their dark powers of destruction and death...”

ISBN 0-8217-1766-9