Tricks and Training for Cats - Morris Groder 1959 All-Pets Books vintage PB

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Blurb: Martin Groder tells you in detail and with helpful illustrations exactly how he was able to teach felines, reputably unteachable, a variety of tricks.

COLLECTOR-WORTHY COPY! From the 'Introduction to Basic Training' section: "Cats obey laws of learning just as people do. Many of us who are not too well acquainted with cats think that these creatures lack the intelligence or are too independent to obey commands. However, if we observe these animals closely, we find that they adapt themselves to their surroundings quickly and intelligently. Furthermore what we call being 'too independent' is usually a fierce desire to maintain their rights as individuals. By applying some of the rules of infant psychology to cats, you can teach them to obey you in a remarkable fashion." Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION TO BASIC TRAINING: Basic Principles; Incentive System: Types of Rewards; When to Give Rewards. GENERAL TRAINING TIPS: Understanding the Nature of Cats; Length of Training Periods; Administering Punishment; Coping With the Clawing Problem.TRICKS YOUR CAT CAN DO: Trick I: "Shake Hands!". Trick II: "Lie Down and Roll Over!". Trick III: "Come Here!". Trick IV: "Stay Indoors!". Trick V: "Jump Through the Hoop!". Trick VI: "Retrieve!". Trick VII: "Talk!". Trick VIII: "Sit Up and Beg!". Trick IX: "Sit Here!". Trick X: "Wave Goodbye!". PORTFOLIO OF RHUBARB PHOTOGRAPHS. IMPORTANT TRAINING RULES. 48 pages. "Morris L. Groder, an engineer by profession, began training cats in 1945, an avocation into which he may ahve been steered hereditarilly, since his grandfather trained horses for Franz Josef's Austrian army. In this treatise, the first of its kind dealing with felines, he tells you in detail and with helpful illustrations exactly how he was able to teach felines, reputably unteachable, a variety of tricks."