Transfigurations - Michael Bishop - Hardback

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Blurb: “The Hugo- & Nebula-nominated novella “Death & Designation Among the Asadi” (Worlds of If, '73) forms the 1st part of Transfigurations, a novel published in 1979 by Berkley Putnam. The story continues when the daughter of the anthropologist who studied the Asadi, a hominid-like race on the planet Bosk’veld, investigates his disappearance. In the journal Foundation, John Clute writes that the novel is "a fever of explanation. Hypothesis builds on hypothesis [as more data is added to the original observations], & much of the resulting construction is beautifully crafted, almost hallucinatory it is so plausible. But of course these explanations are never enough–-& the intellectual tact by which Bishop makes them almost but not quite fit the data they are meant to make transparent is perhaps the strongest part of this extremely dense and carefully thought-through novel." Legendary science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon writes "Michael Bishop’s Transfigurations is as complex, as carefully thought-out, & as compelling an sf novel as you’ll find anywhere, ever."