Tower of Glass - Robert Silverberg - 1971 Bantam Paperback Edition - Reading Copy

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images of the details. Please check with the back of the paperback. You'll notice a chip out the back cover. This makes an acceptable reading copy.

Blurb: "Simeon Krug has a vision--and the vast wealth necessary to turn dream into reality. What he wishes is to communicate with the stars, to answer signals from deep space. The colossal tower he's constructing for this purpose soars above the Arctic tundra, and the seemingly perfect androids building it view Krug as their god. But, Krug is only flesh-and-blood, and when his androids discover the truth, their anger knows no bounds...and it threatens much more than the tower. "...a multi-levelled work of high adventure, considerable tension and social consciousness."--Harlan Ellison."

Awards: Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel (1971), Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel (1970), Locus Award Nominee for Best SF Novel (1971), Ditmar Award Nominee for Best International Long Fiction (1971)

Cover art: Blossom