Tomorrow x 4 - Edited by Damon Knight - Paperback

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1 -HENLEIN - Widely acknowledged as the dean of S-F writers; a master of sociological extrapolation; winner of 3 "Hugo" awards given by the World S-F Convention. Represented here by THE ROADS MUST ROLL

2 - McKenna - A 20-year Regular Navy man who retired, built a reputation as a topnotch S-F writer, and achieved national best-sellerdom with THE SAND PEBBLES.

Represented here by THE NIGHT OF HOGGY DARN

3 - DAVIDSON - Hugo" winner, noted for his polished, elegant style; editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Represented here by «THE SOURCES OF THE NILE

4 - C.L MOORE Co-author of many outstanding stories with her late husband, Henry Kuttner; also famous for many brilliant pieces written under her own name. Represented here by NO WOMAN BORN