To Control The Stars - Robert Hoskins - 1977 Del Rey Paperback - Dean Ellis Cover

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Cover artist: Dean Ellis


Surrounded by armed,

watchful soldiers, Shan and Luvic followed the priests down the low-ceilinged corridor.

The smell of damp was everywhere. As they turned the corner, the two men had their first glimpse of the room where they would be offered as human sacrifices in some ancient, savage ritual.

"Look!" Shan cried. "The shrine -it's a gafe!"

The Stargate itself was unlike any construction he had ever seen; it was

framed by twisting pillars of translucence. What was a

Stargate doing here in this primitive place?

How could these barbarians

have one of the gates... the very gates which enabled Shan's civilization to move instantly from any one of their 3000 worlds to any other? How could a Stargate possibly be in this dungeon which reeked of human blood and superstition?

Shan followed the steps down, down, down .. his eyes riveted on the gate.

Would the gate still function?

That was his only hope...“

Paperback original novel, Robert Hoskins (1933 - 1993) was an American science fiction writer. This is the second of three science fiction adventure novels he wrote which comprise his "Stars" trilogy (the others are "Master of the Stars" (1976) and "To Escape the Stars" (1978). All take place in a future where ancient "stargates" are used to transport between worlds; an idea perhaps serving as inspiration for the 1994 movie and later TV series.”