Time of the Fourth Horseman - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Ace Science Fiction Special #11 - 1977 Paperback - Davis Meltzer Cover

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Cover art: Davis Meltzer

Blurb: “ACE SCIENCE FICTION SPECIALS have brought into paperback such classics as THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, PICNIC ON PARADISE, RITE OF PASSAGE, THE JAGGED ORBIT and A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA. This tradition of selecting exceptional works by well-established masters, as well as by talented newcomers to the SF world, is being maintained by a numbered series of novels making their paperback debut. These works, chosen for their high quality, are the classics of the future.

Twenty-first century medical science has wiped out all the deadly diseases. Yet in a large American city patients have begun to come in with smallpox, diphtheria and all the other enemies that were supposed to have been defeated forever. No one but the highest government officials are aware that this American city has been chosen as a "moderate" experiment in population control....”