Through the End of Time - Trevor Hoyle - 1992 Ace Books Paperback

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Blurb: “Christian Queghan, Myth Technologist on the planet Earth In, is studying quarks. But the computer banks at PsyCon seem determined to feed him information on the Third Reich of Old Earth, and on an obscure German who served as physician to the Führer. Elsewhere in PsyCon, Queghan learns of another top-secret project: the neurochemical reconstruction of a human brain. The brain chosen for this mammoth effort: that of one Adolf Hitler. Another man might call his mix-up of information a simple coincidence, but Queghan has staked his life before on the importance of coincidence.

Somewhere in an alternate universe nestled next to his own, Queghan is convinced that something is at work, reaching through a weak spot in the fabric of spacetime, trying to alert him to danger. After all, he is a Myth Technolo-gist, a student of those shared moments of human consciousness that hold some intuitive, elemental truth. And Adolf Hitler has become perhaps the greatest mythic symbol of evil the world has even known.