Three Go Back - J. Leslie Mitchell - 1932 Galaxy Publishing Group #15 Paperback

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Blurb: “THREE GO BACK - J. Leslie Mitchell a complete Science Fiction Novel GALAXY PUBLISHING CORP.


  • back 25,000 years, to Lost Atlantis
  • and those good people, our kindly ancestors -

The three are: Clair, aged thirty-three, born in Battersea, writer of spicy novels; Sir John, head of an armament combine;

Keith, an American, president of the League of Militaristic Pacifists. When the air-ship on which they are traveling breaks in half after a submarine earthquake, they find themselves on a beach near black basalt mountains, intensely cold, Clair and Keith in pajamas, Sir John in evening clothes.

Gradually in their wandering south, it is revealed to them that they have gone back twenty-five thousand years, that they are on the lost continent of Atlantis, that the great beasts they glimpse are mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, that the Cro-Magnards who take them in are not savages but clean and kindly children, whose unspoiled ways are worth adoption. The Cro-Magnards live in painted caves, wear no clothing, know the uses of fire but possess no vessels, are blissfully ignorant of agriculture. At the annual mating lovers choose each other for the winter.

Then comes another catastrophe on this most unstable of continents-earthquake, disappearance of the wild animals, the trek of the tribe, terrible battle with the Neanderthal beast-men, the last stand, the last effort to escape.

An unusual adventure story, in which science and sex and the search for solution of our world-weary problems have equal parts.”