The Worlds Of Robert A. Heinlein - Robert A. Heinlein (1972 Ed Valigursky Cover Art Paperback Edition)

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Condition: Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book. Back corners have been pinned back or damaged.

Blurb: In this new collection, master SF storyteller Robert Heinlein explores some strange and frightening possibilities:

The possibility of a young girl, blind and alone, lost somewhere on the vast face of the moon.

The possibility that someone could possess the ultimate weapon - for which no defence existed - and also knew that any other country could discover the weapon at the same moment.

The possibility of small bands of guerillas which were all that was left of the U.S.A. after the cataclysmic Twenty Minute War.

Robert Heinlein, winner of three Hugo Awards, uses just such possibilities in stories which originally established his exciting reputation, plus a completely new, never before published novelette which shows Heinlein at the peak of his ability.

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