The Worlds of Poul Anderson - 1974 Ace Books Paperback

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Cover artist: Joseph Lombardero

Blurb: “Poul Anderson, one of the most respected and widely-read science fiction authors, has made a highly successful career of thrilling his readers with a special blend of adventure, humor and science.

This new collection brings together three novels that exhibit all of the inimitable Anderson ingredients. In PLANET OF NO RETURN, an overpopulated Earth finally finds a habitable world to colonize and discovers hidden enemies. THE WAR OF TWO WORLDS chronicles the aftermath of an Earth-Mars war and its universal consequences. And WORLD WITHOUT STARS is the engrossing story of humans shipwrecked on a planet whose sky is dominated by the glow of an entire

• galaxy; and whose surface is split by war.

These are stories with excitement and style, qualities that have always been the trademark of Poul Anderson.”