The Winter Diversion of a Gardener - Richardson Wright - 1934 Illustrated J.B. Lippincott Company Hardback

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Delightful "bits and pieces" from the pen of the editor of House and Garden for those who garden by day and read by night. "These papers have been written for my own amusement," the author asserts.

"They are not concerned with washing rubber plants in milk or planting seeds in flats in sunny cellar win-dows. Separated from my garden, 1" study the garden's past. Like a busy cook with many pots upon her stove, some notions I push on the back of my mind to simmer, some drag forward to boil merrily. From that mental cookery, extending over a number of years, these papers have derived." The first chapter concerns itself with flower painting ladies. Then there are chapters on summer houses of all kinds, on the church's role in the garden, on the Huguenots and on plant transportation and the history of plant exploring. Sixteen illustrations in doubletone.

Pungent as the night breeze come these "Short and Long Pieces to be Read in Bed by Those Who Love the Green Growing Things of Earth." In his witty, delightful way, Mr. Wright, a prominent aythority on gardening, sets down suggestions and sentiments gathered from his own long experi-ence. In each suggestion is a rich nugget of practicality and in each sentiment a world of vision, sound and smell.“