The Weirwoods - Thomas Burnett Swann - 1967 Ace Books Paperback - Gray Morrow Cover

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Cover art: Gray Morrow

Blurb: “Legends of humanoid races have always persisted in the lore of humanity and these other manlike species have been given such names as gnome and sprite and cen-taur. Superstition has invested them with magic and mystery. Mystery, yes, but where there's so much smoke, was there not fire? And perhaps such not-quite-human races did exist at the dawn of human history!

The marvel-tipped pen of Thomas Burnett Swann presents a brilliant, fantastic novel of such races and their impact upon humanity. In the time of the Etruscans, the half-forgotten civilization that preceded Rome, did there still dwell such creatures as the Weir Folk of THE WEIRWOODS?

This new novel spins an unforgettable tale of the weir-man Vel, his captor, the Etrurian princess Tanaquil, the human ad-venturer, Arnth, and the web-footed weir witch Vegoia-a novel of the clash of alien minds at the world's awakening.”