The Weapon Shops of Isher - A.E. Van Vogt - Ace Books Paperback - John Schoenherr Cover

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Cover Artist: John Schoenherr

Rocking an incredibly respectful, 3.97, on 4,598 ratings on Goodreads

Publisher Blurb: “ Imagine an empire of the far future, dictatorial, proud, all-conquering, whose citizens could defy it at will by merely entering a store and buying a gun! The guns would be super-weapons that the Empire couldn’t duplicate or defeat - and - the stores would be impregnable fortresses open to everyone except soldiers and policemen. That’s the situation of the Weapon Shops of Isher, brilliant paradoxical, and intensely exciting.”

This story came out in the 1950s, it’s one of the Defining Science Fiction Books of the 1950s.

“Born at the height of Nazi conquest, the Isher stories suggested that an oppressive government could never completely subjugate its own citizens if they were well armed. The audience appeal was immediate and has endured long beyond other stories of alien invasion, global conflict and post war nuclear angst.”