The Voices of Time - J.G. Ballard - 1966 2nd Berkley Medallion Paperback

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Cover artist: Richard Powers

Blurb: “Susan Sontag, Anthony Burgess, Graham Greene, William Burroughs, Robert Nye and Angela Carter are among the host of admirers of J. G. Ballard's fiction. His extraordinary inventiveness and the unfailing grace and energy of his writing are triumphantly displayed in this classic collection of stories, which includes 'The Overloaded Man', 'Chronopolis' and 'The Garden of Time', which Anthony Burgess called 'one of the most beautiful stories of the world canon of short fiction'.

These haunting tales of pity and terror and longing, firmly grounded in psychological realism and tightly plotted, transcend classification as fantasy or science fiction; they are literature of the highest order.”