The Two Timers - Bob Shaw - 1979 Ace Books Paperback

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Blurb: “John and Kate Breton had been peacefully entertaining friends as peacefully as they did anything after eleven years of marriage when the phone call came.

"You've been living with my wife for almost exactly nine years, said the voice on the line, "and I'm coming to take her back.*

The evening wore on. John Breton drank too much, not without reason,

and hoped that

somehow it was just a practical joke. It wasn't until the guests had left and he stood in the doorway for a breath of air before bed that the voice came again from the black-tunneled shrubbery beside the drive. "Don't close the door, John. I've come to collect my wife."

And Breton, transfixed by a vast and inexplicable fear, found himself staring into his own face.”