The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders - Isidore Haiblum - 1971 David Johnston Cover

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Blurb: "Greenberg was quite a character. Greenberg was a travel agent of sorts; he affected a checked suit, a cane, a bowler hat, and white shoes, and he had a real line of talk. It was beter than his time-line, though - Greenberg dealt in time travel but could never seem to land at the right place on schedule. Maybe it was because he was only eight inches tall. Greenberg was a homunculus.

Greenberg worked for Issac ben Rubin, the Tsaddik. This wise and holy man, a respected scholar, an official worker of miracles, a colleague of linquists and historians, not to mention philosophers, was a Tsaddik of a unique sort: a student of Time, whose investigations involved fieldwork. Which, naturally, was where Greenberg came in.

Given that the natty homunculus wasn't the most accurate guide to the past, the two got on well enough. Being lost in the mists of time wasn't the worst thing that could happen to a wonderworker and his assistant, even when said assistant dropped them into Egypt, where ben Rubin's distant ancestors were chiseling away at the stones that were to build the massive temple of Karnak for Pharaoh Amon.

On the other hand, when Myron stepped out from behind a pile of debris, things took a turn for the worse. It was easy to see that he was no local either; his gray suit and his briefcase gave him away instantly. It was easy to see that Myron was up to no good, too, as soon as he produced the scheme to snatch a hydrogen bomb from a missile silo. Myron meant to "correct" the future. Greenberg and the Tsaddik had to stop him."