The Treasure of Atlantis - J. Allan Dunn - 1970 Centaur Press Paperback - Robert Bruce Acheson Cover

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Cover art: Robert Bruce Acheson


During the first half of the Twentieth Century, the popular fiction magazines of the day—the "pulps"-played a major role in the development of new wri eug talents. They were a perfect apprenticeship for the young author, and a means of supplying a thirsty public with escape literature.

Of the thousands of stories written for the pulps in this era, a respectable number went into book form.

Today, however, these stories are, in part, forgotten.

Castaways of time... "Time-Lost."

After many years of research, the editors of Centaur Press have selected the best of these and fitted them into a new series. The stories themselves have defied time, and somehow have a flavor that is generally missing from contemporary fiction. This is another dimension of writing.

Here is a high adventure series with direction!


The basic premise of "Time-Lost" books is swashbuckling high adventure and heroic action. The setting is almost always in a realm that is strange to civilization. It may be the fearsome jungle of Brazil, flavored by the fertile imagination of Arthur O. Friel as in THE PATHLESS TRAIL.

Or if may be the sword and sorcery exploits of Soiomon Kane in Atlantean Negari as in Robert E. Howard's THE MOON OF SKULLS.”