The Three Swords by Fritz Leiber - 1970 BCE Nelson Doubleday Hardback - Dean Morrissey Cover

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BlurbThe daring adventures of one of SP's most illustrious duos, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser-now gathered into an exclusive SFBC 3-in-1 volume.

Civilization. •All his young life Fahrd had hungered for it; in his mind, the Eight Cities were places of wonder, and he meant to see them one day. Neither the potent magic of his mother and the other Snow Women, nor the keep him in Cold Corner. of his betrothed would Cold Corner was no fit place for a man with adventure in his soul. Its women chained men to their will, destroying inner fire with spells cast with chilling ferocity. Fafhrd's father had escaped... for a while. Defying his wife, he'd left home for the distant mountains he loved. But he died when a preternatural cold shattered his rope on a peak called White Fang—a message not lost on his son.

Witchy cold might follow him, Fafhrd knew; wherever ice once flowed, magic could send it again.

Yet the youth remained undaunted, determined to fulfill his dream. It was only a matter of when and how.

He never expected opportunity to present itself in the form of a seductive actress from the south a beautiful thief who would introduce him to the glorious perils of the fabled city of Lankhmar.

"My Gray Mouse, still midway in his allegiance between white magic and black," the wizard Glavas Rho had described his young apprentice. It was true.

Mouse had tried to be all that his master wished, but his spirit did favor swords over wands ... the sinuousities of the left-hand path over the straight, steep road of the right. As Rho had discerned, the young man was more cat than mouse...”