The Swords of Lankhmar - Fritz Leiber 1968 Ace Books Paperback - Jeff Jones Cover

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Cover artist: Jeff Jones

Blurb: “One of them was a huge, brawny, full-bearded barbarian from the northlands of Nehwon. His name was Fafhrd, his weapon a broadsword. 

The other was a small, nimble man dressed all in gray. Men called him the Gray Mouser, and he carried both rapier and dirk.

They were known throughout the city of Lankhmar as brawlers, cutpurses, and rogues. But they were the most dangerous fighting-men in Lankhmar, so when the Overlord Glipkerio Kistomerces needed guards for an all-important shipment of gifts to a neighbouring monarch, he chose them for the task.

Thus began one of the most fabolous sword-and-sorcery adventures in the famous Fafhrd-Gray Mouser saga—a full-length novel which Ace Books is proud to bring to you as the first in this action-packed new series.”

Series: #5 Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Series